Bellingham, WA- Fireside Martini and Wine Bar, opening May 1 on 416 W Bakerview Road in Bakerview Square, isn’t just another bar. This isn’t just another stop on your night of inebriation, it’s how you impress that first date, where you come to relax with friends or unwind after work.

You see, Fireside doesn’t want to just give you a place to let loose, it’s an experience that should be savored like fine wine or a pint of good brew. Every detail was carefully selected to enhance the pleasure of the senses whether it is the delicious food and drink, pleasurable sounds emanating from the speakers, your favorite seat at the bar or the aesthetic appeal of the bar itself.

In addition to the look and feel of the bar itself, Fireside has made a conscious effort to hire only the candidates that best fit this type of atmosphere. Not exceeding four on a given night, the staff has the opportunity to learn and grow alongside one another and with the guests as well.  Their friendly and warm demeanors will help make guests feel right at home.

The extensive list of drinks is sure to have something for everybody; from wine to cocktails to beer many of which can only be found at the Fireside itself. They also infuse their own spirits and are not afraid to try new mixtures both of which contribute to the exclusive appeal of the Fireside. There is variety in the beer served as well, including an assortment of obscure imported and domestic flavors.

The food at the Fireside does not disappoint. Relying heavily on local ingredients and remaining flexible and open to change over the course of the year, a fresh and delicious meal can always be found at Fireside.

Fireside Martini and Wine Bar is conveniently located in Bakerview Square, adjacent to Woods Coffee and IHOP.

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