Grand Opening

The Fireside Martini and Wine Bar opened Saturday May 1st, with a roaring success.  People arrived early to be the first to experience Bellingham’s newest Martini and Wine Bar. The fun and friendly staff were almost overwhelmed with eager patrons, and did a fantastic job of making everyone have a great time.  Food, wine, and … Read more

Cocktail, Wine and Beer

Bellingham, WA- The Fireside Martini and Wine Bar offers a large variety of unique and affordable cocktails, wine and beer. The new owners of the Fireside have gone to great lengths to create an impressive wine list that will appeal to a wide range of palates. While they make no claims that you won’t find … Read more


Bellingham, WA-The Fireside Martini and Wine Bar offers a variety of quality plated entrées and appetizers. We make every effort to serve quality, fresh, and honest food. Our flatbread-style pizzas are made from garlic-infused Naan bread and have our hand-crafted cheese spread as their base ingredient. Regulars also come back repeatedly for our Savory Steak … Read more